Tolly Plested


Tolly is the head Instructor of First Generation MMA fight Team. He is also the head BJJ at 3 other schools along the coast. Born and raised in Eastbourne Tolly is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt under world champion Ze Marcello. Tolly showed a keen interest in martial arts at a young age; after studying Karate as a boy he went onto take up Boxing, Kick boxing, Muay Thai then onto BJJ and more recently, wrestling & MMA. With nearly 8 years of training and competing, Tolly has competed in many of the top BJJ tournaments and mixed martial arts competitions in the UK such as CSMMA ,UCMMA, TUF try outs and has recently signed a contract with BAMMA. Tolly is unbeaten in MMA competing with a 6-0 semi pro & 8-0 pro record; He was formerly affiliated with the world famous ‘Brazilian Top Team’ , ‘ZT Fight Skool’ & 'WMC -Muay Thai training Camp (Koh-Samui)' And Gordos BJJ (RIO,BRAZIL).

He has also trained at the world famous, Wolveslair academy in Liverpool, where he trained with UFC stars such as Check Congo, Rob Broughton and Oli Thompson to name a few. As well as London Shootfighters with another UFC rising star, John Hathaway. Having worked extensively on the development and set up of MMA and BJJ in and around the south coast; Tolly trains all different levels of students at all age groups; organising seminars and competitions around the country for his team.


Tolly is also a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and has obtained the respected IHP MMA strength and conditioning certification. He is available to give instruction for all levels, whether it’s a weight loss program or to improve your strength and fitness levels from an absolute beginner to elite pro athletes, Tolly can help you to achieve your goals. He also competed in Strong Man and Power Lifting events. This experience has enabled him to specialise in these areas of both Strength, Conditioning and power training as well as grappling for BJJ and MMA.



  • MMA PRO Record: 8 Wins – 0 Loses




  • 2014 LONDON IBBJF INTERNATIONAL champion 1st place



  • 2012 Bournemouth NO- Gi -90kg Elite division 1st place

  • 2010 British No-Gi Open Elite Division 3rd place

  • 2010 Wuma European 1st place champion

  • 2009 ZT Fight Skool amateur tournament champion

  • 2009 Wuma world cup 1st place champion

  • 2009 Wuma European 1st place champion

  • 2008 Swiss National 1st place and Open Weight 1st place

  • 2008 National Champion- First place and Absolute (open weight) winner

  • 2008 S factor grappling champion

  • 2007 ADCC 3rd Place

  • 2007 Mauricio Motta Gomes cup 1st place and Absolute (open weight) winner 2006 ADCC 2nd place


MMA Titles held

  • SFC Middleweight MMA champion 2010

  • UCMMA Contenders Middleweight champion 2011

  • CSMMA Welterweight champion 2012



  • BJJ

  • MMA



  • Wrestling

  • Weight Loss

  • MMA Strength and Conditioning

  • Functional Fitness Training


Richard Murphy


Richard is currently a brown belt in judo and a qualified level 1 judo coach and with this it includes quality's like first aid qualified and safe guarding qualified for children, he has practiced the art of judo since the age of 10 yrs old to 16yrs old but after 14 yrs break from the sport he returned and has been training constantly building up his skills to then be able to compete at a high level and also pass his knowledge on to students.


His results from competitions are:


  • 2012/2014/2015 Southern Area Split Grade 1st - Gold

  • 2015 Sussex Trails 1st - Gold

  • 2015 Inter-Counties Team Event 2nd Silver

  • 2015 Hampshire Split Grade 1st - Gold

  • 2015 South of England Open 2nd - Silver

  • 2015 Ranked 1st in Sussex & Ranked 22nd in the UK for High Performance


Richard has also dabbled in a bit of MMA where in 2011 he entered an Amateur MMA event and managed to gain a 2nd place trophy. In 2012 went to semi-pro and managed one win and one loss.




Mark Goodwin


Background in CrossFit, Football, Gymnastics and Sprinting.


His career has seen him perform as a Personal Trainer, boot camp owner, CrossFit Affiliate Holder, strength and conditioning coach and group exercise instructor. Now retired but played football in the Conference league for Eastbourne Borough and Lewes FC.


Currently a competitive CrossFit athlete. Recent competitions include Tribal Clash, Box Rocks, Premier Fitness League and Battle of London. Travels regularly to learn from the best tutors in the world, Manchester, London, Reykjavik, Los Angeles and Dublin are his latest educational visits.


Using a rounded fitness approach, attacking athletes weaknesses whilst improving strengths. Mark strengthens fundamental movement patterns, develops coordination, increases athletic mobility and works miracles with an athlete's work capacity.


Jon Lambert


Background in Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Boxing.

Jon has started off training in Martial Arts at the age of 9, studying many forms of Karate. It wasn't until 8 years ago he discovered Muay Thai and instantly fell in love with the sport. For the last 5 years, Jon has been fighting and training out of Lumpini Muay Thai in Crawley under John Jarvis.


After recently moving back to Eastbourne and being unable to find the right local gym to continue training, John Jarvis advised Jon to teach himself and with his blessing, he is now enjoyed teaching at First Generation Gym, ever since.


Jon has competed in Muay Thai and K1 under the federations of ISKA, UKMF and WBC. Jon teaches a full range of students from people that want to fight full contact to people wanting to lose some belly fat. It's a great sport to get fit and boost your confidence.


Coach Jon Lambert is available for group sessions and personal training on his mobile 07547 127149.


Alex Salisbury


Undefeated in MMA ( 7-0-0 )

Brown Belt in BJJ

Full-time Competitor


Competed in MMA, Boxing, Freestyle Wrestling, Submission Wrestling / NoGi BJJ.


Traveled and stayed in Brazil and California training at some of the best teams in the world, ATOS/AOJ, Gordo Jiu-Jitsu and Team Nogueira's



  • WCMMA Middle Weight

  • Champion English NoGi Championship

  • 2015 3rd Brighton International NoGi

  • 2015 1st Bournemouth Open

  • 2015 2nd Surrey Open

  • 2014 1st British NoGi Championship

  • 2014 2nd Dorset and Hants Open

  • 2014 2nd Bournemouth Open

  • 2014 2nd Bournemouth Open Open Weight

  • 2013 3rd Brighton open 


Oli Thompson


In 2001 Oli began lifting weights at his local gym and soon found he had a talent for strength and power, so he started competing in local strongman competition a year later. Oli then won the South England Strongest Man in 2002-2008. British Strongest Man in 2004 (3rd in 2005 and 2nd place in 2006); 1st competed at Worlds Strongest Man in 2006 (8th) and 2008.


Oli has been competing in many other competitions in places such as Dubai, Moscow, Kiev, New York and West Virginia and countries like Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania.


In 2009 Oli decided he needed a change, so he started training grappling with his good friend Tolly Plested, who had been training BJJ for a while. After a month, Oli had his first Pro MMA fight which he won by choke. Since then he has compiled a record of 17-8 competing around the world, including Australia, Poland, Japan and the USA. Oli has fought in promotions such as UFC, UCMMA, BAMMA, KSW, and IGF.


In 2015 Oli went 5-0 and 3 fights were a tournament for the IGF World title which he won via KO on the New Years eve. As well as representing 1G as one of the senior fighters, Oli also has taken an active role in helping with coaching and motivating the many talented young athletes to help them realise their potential.


Dan Collins


Dan has over a decade of experience as an amateur boxer, where he built a 29-6 record and captured multiple titles. Having represented 1G in boxing, Thai and MMA, he was named as the gym's boxing coach in November.


Throughout Dan's amateur boxing career, which started at age 14, he fought all over the country, winning 34 fights overall. During this time, he demonstrated his high-level striking at a number of regional championships and captured the Southern Area title three times.


After joining 1G and training with Tolly Plested, Collins made the move to semi-pro MMA. Dan's striking experience, along with solid wrestling and an underrated ground game, paved the way for 8 victories in ten fights, before he went on to win his first professional fight by TKO in 2015 to become the 170lb ISKA Southern Area champion.


As well as his boxing and MMA credentials, Dan has had success in grappling competitions. A blue belt under world champion Ze Marcelo, Dan has competed in many local and national tournaments, and most recently secured double gold at the Brighton Open in 2015. Dan specialises in structuring his training sessions around drills that focus on fundamentals, realistic boxing situations, and controlled sparring. Dan is one of the most seasoned fighters at 1G and uses his experience to get the best out of beginners to professionals.






  • 29-6 Amateur record

  • 5-0 Unlicensed Boxing record

  • 3x Southern Counties Champion

  • Semi-Pro Fightclub Middleweight Champion



  • 8-2 Semi-Pro record

  • 1-0 Professional record

  • ISKA Southern Area Welterweight Champion



  • Double Gold at the 2015 Brighton Open